The corduroy is fashionable

La pana está de moda

The corduroy is a tendency that many believed that it was gone, but this autumn-winter season we can confirm that it has returned and has done it over high. The pana is that thick fabric with relief that has a texture very similar to velvet that became famous in the 70s and that has returned with force to become an essential Street style. It has a vintage air that has converted it into a tissue available in different types of garments such as pants, jackets, pets, skirts and many more. Today we want to share with all of you the incredible combinations you can get to make with your favorite pledge. Do you want to discover them?

Essential Pana Parka for this winter

A perfect look for the establishment that formed by two essential basics that can not be missing in our closet as they are the cowgirl shirt and white pants. This combination will allow you to choose any type of shoes as well as sandals as sneakers. Undoubtedly, it is a look that part of basic garments that are easy to combine and that can be converted into a star outfit to go to work, walk or to look for a modern, timeless but also elegant look.

You can not miss you: Flare panties

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Flare style corduroy trousers is a classic that can not be missing in your closet that stands out for its seventies, slightly flared and that is a flattering for all kinds of silhouettes. It becomes an essential for this winter season and that you can find in different tonalities of brown, white, beige and many more colors. An ideal trousers to combine with booties.

The ideal garment for this winter: the Peto de Pana

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Peno de Pana has revolutionized winter trends to give a new, cool and cooler touch to winter garments. We have already seen that the cordurver has become more strongly than ever and above all with new garments like the petos of corduroy, ideal for any diary look thanks to its touch of comfort, casual style but with a freshness air to bring a touch Vintage to our day outfits. Undoubtedly, one of the best betting of fashion trends for this winter and that you can combine with any type of shoes and sneakers.

A surprising combination: Pana Baggy trousers

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Comfortable, versatile, with a retro touch but a clear bet for new fashion trends is as we can describe the pants Baggy from Pana. These pants designed with a classic fabric that has returned this season with force as it is the corduroy becoming a perfect alternative to the jeans we use in winter. Ideal for your convenience, you will become an essential in your winter closet. Combine them with low booties to get a unique look.

The MUST: wide corduroy trousers

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If you want to give a vintage touch, retro and unique to your look, bet this winter season through wide corduroy pants. A bell-shaped trousers with air of the 70s that have returned with more strength than ever to create a unique style in our daily looks. Ideal to combine with different accessories such as belts and available in different tonalities of brown, beige or white. An ideal trousers to forget about the jeans during the coldest weeks of the year.

Combine your corduroy jacket with different clothes

One of the essentials of the corduroy trend that has returned to stay apart from the pants are corduroy jackets. Ideal to combine with any type of blouse, shirt, pants and accessories such as booties or belts. An ideal must to bet on a trend that is fashionable and for this winter. In The Amisy Company you can get all these styles, looks and proposals, because in our online store of women's clothing we want you to always enjoy the latest trends in fashion at any time and we know that you cannot miss all the advantages that are going to you Provide corduroy garments this season. Enjoy one of the ideal trends for this winter season!

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