Black is also for summer

El negro también es para el verano

Normally it has always been commented that we avoid dark colors the months of greater heat but today we want to tell you in our blog how black can become your greatest ally during the summer months.

We will share with you 6 incredible looks that you can wear during any time of the day and night and thus bet on the elegance and style that a look where black is the main protagonist.

Do you want to know what our 6 incredible proposals are?

#Look 1: Street style inspiration

Black jeans and a top of straps of this same color, combined can become one of the best daily looks that you can wear during this summer. Similarly, the long dresses of straps and, of course, black, since with these combinations you can get the ideal office look you were looking for.

You can also combine your Black Black Look of jeans or dressed with platform espadrilles to get a slightly more informal look during the day or, bet on heel sandals to dazzle during the night.

#Look 2: monkeys


The classic color in which we usually find this garment is the black color and is one of the most elegant garments that we can have in our closet.

The versatility that this garment can provide us also fits the comfort that gives us when we dress, since this unique garment can help us create a spectacular night look being a single piece. We can combine it with accessories that provide a different touch or pattern such as bags, necklaces or jackets.

Without a doubt, one of the essential bets for this summer and that we cannot stop having in our closet fund.

#Look 3: Top Lancero

Black allows you to play with textures and lingerie tops are ideal for contributing the elegance that your daily look is missing or playing with a more boho style during the night.

In addition, this type of V and fine -braid lingerie tops and fine braces can become your first option when creating an urban, modern and daring look for these summer nights.

#Look 4: oversize blouse

We all know that black helps look thinner since it stylizes a lot. This is really a reality for what if you bet on baggy garments like an oversize blouse you will get an ideal set for any time of the day or night without worrying about betting on more fitted sets.

In addition, this type of oversize blouses combines perfectly with jeans and with all kinds of accessories such as long necklaces. Without a doubt, one of the essential garments of the summer as it will help you not to have too much heat due to its oversize size.

#Look 5: black tops

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One of the essential garments that can never be missing since it can become the upper part of a casual and modern look by combining it with jeans or different color pants or, it can be perfectly adjusted to a summer and night outfit to the Be able to combine with pleated skirts.

You should always have a black top in your closet because there are many solutions that can bring you both in winter and during the summer.

#Look 6: Total Black

If you are one of those who bet on the total Black you are then of those that combine the black color in all their garments with textures and accessories that stand out.

This is one of the most incredible looks that you can wear this summer without worrying that you spend a lot black color and platform sandals of said color. All this with accessories that help highlight our look, whether daily and functional, such as an elegant and night look.

Discover now in our online clothing store all incredible looks with the black color as the protagonist that we have proposed in our blog and forget that you cannot wear a total black outfit during this summer. Bet on the black color in your looks!

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