6 ways to carry your military blazer

6 formas de llevar tu blazer militar

One of the ideal garments for the transition between spring and summer and a jacket that cannot be missing in your closet will be the military blazer that we present here. Thanks to its timeless character you can combine any type of garment with this blazer in the purest Army style, a trend that does not go out of fashion and that brings us incredible combinations every season.

To help you find your perfect newspaper or outfit look to surprise at night, here we present the 6 ways of carrying your military blazer and creating spectacular looks. Discover the power of the military blazer and now get this musthave essential of the season.

Military fashion has returned more strongly than ever and today we want to present all opportunities when combining that will offer you a star garment such as military blazer.

Blazer with shorts

1. Military Blazer

2. Natural Belkas Leather Belk

Undoubtedly one of the Streetstyle looks with which to sweep on the way to work or walk through the big city. This combination is ideal for the time of halftime, that period in which it is difficult for us to find the perfect daily look due to the constant temperature changes. But combining your military blazer with shorts you will create a different style, without leaving aside your more formal and elegant side.

You can always provide your military blazer look with shorts of some Converse style canvas shoes to continue playing with a daily and sports look that will become a safe bet for these spring days.

Blazer with camouflage

1. Black Military Jacket

The military blazer derives from the purest Army style so that its combination with military print garments is almost unavoidable. A safe bet to create a look in the purest military style and dazzle at night is to create an outfit that combines your black military blazer with pants with camouflage print.

A look that is still groundbreaking and that can become the most cool bet for these half -time nights where you can always opt for the elegance and versatility of this set.

Blazer with lingerie

1. Black Military Jacket

2. Black Lincero Top

Either a lingerie dress or a blouse, one of the most attractive combinations you can make with your military blazer is to combine it next to a lingerie garment. We can be facing the perfect combination between the blazer and the lingerie since both garments transmit elegance and personality. We can certainly be talking about one of the ideal combinations for the night and create an elegant and arranged oufit.

We believe that this will be one of the 6 ways of carrying your military blazer that will get your attention the most and that you will not be able to escape.

Blazer with miniskirt

1. Black Military Jacket

Combining a military blazer with a miniskirt can become a perfect solution to find a formal newspaper look and to look at night, since depending on the miniskirt style you combine you can get a different proposal. All this will also depend on the footwear you use, since if you want to bet on an elegant and daring look for the night you must always opt for heeled sandals and, if on the contrary, you want to combine your military blazer with a cowboy miniskirt, the sandals Planas or the canvas shoes will become the ally you were looking for your military blazer look with MiniFalda.

Blazer with stripes

1. Black Military Jacket

2. White-Azul sailor t-shirt

If you want to turn this daily bet into a daring, elegant and groundbreaking look you can always combine your military blazer with a black and black horizontal striped shirt and add to the combination some platform ankle boots.

But if you really want to convert it into a diary look, where the comfort and urban style shine you can always combine your military blazer with jeans, a striped t-shirt and a few running shoes and get the best OUFIT to go to work.

Blazer and a classic style

1. Black Military Jacket

2. White Basic Strap T-Shirt

3. Natural Belkas leather belt

If after seeing all the proposals with your military blazer that we have presented you want to opt because your Blazer becomes the essential garment of a classic look, you can always choose to combine it with a white t-shirt and jeans.

The ideal combination to go out on the street with the touch of elegance that the military blazer gives you aside without leaving aside the comfort and versatility that other essential garments arise in any wardrobe such as jeans or a white t-shirt.

In our online store we want you to find your ideal look, which causes feeling at all times and that you know what are the incredible combinations you can get to do with your military blazer. A more complement that you can also find now in our online clothing store.

And to you, what is the look with military blazer that you like the most?

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