5 indispensable in your wardrobe

5 indispensables en tu fondo de armario


Basic garments that serve as the basis of dressing us and that they will hardly go out of style, so we recommend that you are in your closet bottom yes or yes. They also become timeless garments that can get us out of hurry, we just have to know how to combine them to create incredible looks both day and night.

And now you will wonder, what are those famous 5 essential garments that I must have in my closet? They are the garments that survive the trends, they are the most combinable and are the ones that can be used as the basis of any look. From the classic white shirt, the camouflage pants, the American that cannot be missing in any closet, through the iconic striped shirt to the Baggy pants.

Here are what are the basics that will become essential.

Stripe t -shirt, the commitment to the essential basic

The striped shirt was a garment that reached the female closet from the masculine thanks to Coco Chanel and thanks to the designer we can talk about one of the great basics that cannot be missing at any closet fund. You can always combine this nautical inspiration garment with white or navy blue jeans and create a perfect newspaper look.

White-blue marine t-shirt

Baggy pants, multi -purpose basic

There is no garment that better combines elegance with comfort and are ideal to be part of your looks both in summer and winter. We can get casual looks by combining them with t -shirts and shoes, but if you want to add elegance to your look with baggy pants you can always combine it with elegant heels or accessories such as a hat or a handbag.


Camouflage pants that inspire your wardrobe

The military style has established itself as a must have in fashion and for casual looks, night looks or daring outfits, camouflage pants cannot be missing in your closet. To create a casual and modern look, you will only have to combine camouflage pants with a shirt or blouse and provide your casual look with a daring air by adding ankle boots or heels to your set.

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White shirt, combinable with everything

Simply, a classic. A basic garment that thanks to its versatility can be used both the months of colder, since it works very well under sweatshirts and jerseys, such as becoming our essential pledge of spring. Nothing looks better than a white shirt with jeans and thus create a casual look.
It also becomes the wild garment that the same thing serves to go to work combined with tweezers such as getting the jeans shorts that you have been thinking about putting on and combining them with your white shirt.

White shirt

The American, simply essential

If we talk about an essential garment in any closet we must talk about the American, since the Blazer has become one of the most used basics in the closet. You can combine it with some jeans and create a casual day outfit and combine it with a formal dress and create a groundbreaking night look.
Because there is no more timeless or elegant garment than a blazer.

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In The Amity Company we want any of these garments are missing in your closet to create incredible looks, so in our Women's Clothing Store you can find all the basics that we have shown you previously. And for you, what is the most essential basic in your closet?

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