Street Style, the most urban trend of 2018

Street Style, la tendencia más urbana de 2018

In The Amity Company we want you to discover what the latest trends are, the styles that will define this 2018 and what is taken during this year. And without a doubt, one of the trends that will be fashionable on the street will be the Street Style.

This urban, casual and casual trend is marked by the busy life of the cities, where the hurry and the need to look for a comfortable look have become the main keys that the Street Style is one of the great tendencies of the Latest times.
If you want to know the indispensable garments to create an urban and modern outfit, then we provide all the keys so that you get a unique look and follow the trend that is most causing it at present, as is the Street Style.

The essential complement for 2018: La Marinera Cap

One of the already essential accessories to be able to define your style within the Street Style during this 2018 goes by combining your outfit with a sailor-style cap. One of the complements that is triumphant and that has been consolidated in the streets of the big cities. Ideal to combine it with jeans, with a biker jacket or the favorable white shirt and it becomes your key complement in your urban style.

Pants with indispensable sideband in your closet


Undoubtedly one of the new trends he managed to live his highest moment in 2017 and that he will remain one of the keys of Street Style during this 2018. A tendency that we thought would have the days counted but little by little they have become more visible in The streets of the main cities becoming one of the most desired garments of recent months.

One way to be able to revive a classic outfit and inspire it with a stroke of color in the sideband. In this way we can create a daring, modern and urban look by combining our pants with sideband with a white blouse or a black pomber jacket.

Bell pants, the classic that comes back

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One of the garments that had its peak in the 70s and does not go out of fashion are the bell pants. Even though the pygillo pants have reigned for years, one of the essential garments of Street Style as they are bell pants, have returned so you can look from the most casual and casual outfit.

Flamened designs of ideal jeans to combine with a half-heeled ankle boots, an American and a shirt to create a perfect office look. You can also accentuate your sexiest side by combining a white bell trousers with a light blouse and thus get an incredible boho chic style.

One of the most beloved garments: The Gabardina

The beige is one of the most typical colors of this type of garment, since in addition to being an easy to combine color, it provides any look of an elegant and casual touch. But the raincoats or Trench Coat have become the ideal garment to get the urban look we are looking for.

One of the keys that this garment becomes essential in our closet is its versatility. Every day there are more those that bet by combining their gabardine with sneakers. Because in your urban look can not miss a raincoat.

Stylish Sweatshirts for your Most Urban Look

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The use of sweatshirt beyond sporty has been converted for a long time in a whole trend and, no doubt, Street Style had not become such a globalized trend without sweatshirts.

Funny, original and print designs, the sweatshirts have become one of the essential garments when creating the casual, casual and urban look you were looking for. You can combine any type of sweatshirt, with or without hood, with jeans and create a perfect office look or bet on a skirt combination with a skirt and create the perfect urban oufit.

In The Amity Company we want you to enjoy Street Style with all the essential garments that we have presented to you. Therefore, in our Women's Clothing Store you can find them and start following the most demanded trend in this 2018 such as Street Style.

And for you, what is the Street Style garment essential in your Oufit?

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