20 looks with basic white t -shirt

20 looks con camiseta blanca básica

If we talk about a basic garment par excellence, that basic that for nothing in the world must be missing in your closet fund is that we are referring to the Basic White T -shirt. This garment will help us create all kinds of looks, whether modern, casual, elegant or urban. A garment that can be easily combined and with which you will feel comfortable.

The basic white shirt is perfect for any occasion and for a long time it has become the simplest and most timeless garment in history. An essential must-have will help us create a casual look or enter more sophisticated and elegant land of the night. If you have not dared to combine your basic white shirt, then we will show you the incredible combinations you can do with it.

How do the celebrities wear the white shirt?

We know that being aware of the latest trends is to take a look from time to time to the last looks and outfits of actresses, presenters, models or celebrities of the moment. One of the favorite garments of the celebrities and the one that they take out is, without a doubt, the basic white shirt. Ideal to combine with denim shorts, ankle boots and buckle belt to create a most casual look.

If you want to bet on a most sophisticated outfit, the white shirt combined with an elegant black skirt will help you get that daring and daring look. A off -road garment that celebrities use to create all kinds of incredible looks.

White t -shirt with prints

The Street Style is increasingly fashionable in our streets and great guilt has the combination of a basic white t -shirt with prints. Whether long skirts, pants, jackets or spectacular print t -shirts, this essential basic will help us bring a summer, fresh and casual touch to our look.

White T -shirt with jeans

Combining a white shirt with jeans is to create one of the most casual, favoring and simple looks that exist. One of the most used combinations because, it is undoubtedly one of the simplest combinations that exist. You can wear it with shorts, with a peto, a boyfriend cut -cut pants or cowboys, any denim will always become a great alternative to combine your white shirt.

Black White T -shirt

The Black & White is one of the styles that are most addicted and a lot of guilt is the great versatility we get with a white shirt. We can say that it is pure rock’n’rol combine leather pants, a basic white shirt, an American and some embellished ankle boots. But there are many different combinations that we can get combining our basic white shirt with other black garments such as lingerie dresses, jackets or American to create a totally timeless look.

But remember that one of the best allies of a white shirt to create a daring and casual look for the night is a good leather jacket.

Our t -shirtsBasic White T -shirt

In our online clothing store we want to help you get the incredible look you were looking for, that you combine your basic white shirt with all the suggestions and bets that we have explained to you. Remember that all the types of basic white t -shirts you are looking for, whether they are of straps, short sleeve, long sleeve and many more options you can get them now in our online clothing store Women The Amity Company.

And you, what always combine your basic white shirt?

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