The Baggy who choose the influencers

Los baggy que eligen las influencers

If we want to talk about a trend that never goes out of style, then we have to talk about Baggy pants.

Baggy pants is a versatile, comfortable, casual and current pants that cannot be missing in your closet and you can combine in a thousand ways.

Light and super comfortable, it is one of the essential summer. His only problem: poorly chosen or poorly combined may seem that you wear a pajamas. But don't worry, we give you the keys to this does not happen to you. We propose some styles and ideas so you can combine with Baggy pants with different colors and shapes in the best way. So that your look is ten.

Avoid buying garments that will not leave your closet and see the safe. In general, remember that dark colors stylize the figure and that single -color pants are timeless and very elegant.

The combination can be perfect for different occasions; You can wear black or navy blue pants during the day in the office and at night for a romantic dinner. Practicality is our best ally.

But if what you are looking for is a casual look, the Trendy letter plays. Combine the Baggy pants with a smooth top, with a top -stamped top or with lace details and touch your looks with a pair of sneakers or sandals.

Here are some combinations of how to combine baggys of different colors with which you will be sure. Inspire and create looks with which you feel comfortable!

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