The trend of the moment: Animal Print

La tendencia del momento: Animal Print

If there is a stamping par excellence that is consolidated year after year in today's fashion is, without a doubt,The animal Print.. The mythical leopard print is still defined this 2018 asone of the trends that must be followed yes or yes Because we meet it everywhere.

There are many different options that we are going to propose in our blog because this is going to be one of the great trends that the new autumn-winter season will predominate. You may consider you a bet for the most daring but today we want to show you all the incredible combinations that you can get to get if you bet on this incredible trend.

1. Street Style Inspiration

If you want to get an extremely daring and female look you can always bet by combining a leopard print as a long coat, a dress, a trousers or a blouse with a black garment. As a result you will get an incredible urban look, not to mention the accessories such as bags or belts that will give your daily outfit a very trendy touch.

2. Dresses with leopard print

Get a daring, sexy and female look with one of these leopard print dresses. You will create a style with personality without losing an apex of elegance and sophistication.

All these features is what you will get if you bet on your closet an incredible dress with leopard print. You can perfectly combine it with all kinds of accessories such as hats, bags or wedge sandals to balance your look.

3. Animal Print Style Blouses

Blouses or leopard print shirts can be considered as a long-term investment, since we could get to use them any day of the year, regardless of whether it is cold or heat.

Its use in an urban and office look can become a great alternative if you want to contribute a touch of extra elegance. Also its combination with jeans and black pants will make you get to combine your Print animal garment in a simple and great way.

4. Filo, the right touch

It is natural that when the summer ends to give way to the autumn we meet evening nights or mornings, for this reason, if you want to give a daring and wild touch to your daily outfit you can always bet on one of the accessories that will never be fashionable how are the webs?

Especially if you want to get that right touch, we recommend that you get a lead with a leopard print. A fair touch that will convert your daily or office look into a commitment to elegance and sophistication, without losing an apex of comfort.

5. Tops

Because from the python to the leopard, going through the zebra print, there are many stamping options that we can find in this animal print trend and all of them will become essential if you want to bet on giving your look that wild touch with a top.

6. T-shirts with the most incredible pattern

If during the summer there is a protagonist garment in our outfits that is, without a doubt, the shirt. But this is a garment that we could also continue to use it during the winter months. Especially if we want to bet on a trend that will be very present during the autumn-winter season 2018/19.

Because the t-shirts with leopard print can be converted into your best ally if you want to bet on a daring, urban and original look for this autumn.

7. The add-ons that make it easy

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There are many accessories and accessories that will help you to follow this acclaimed trend and with your peculiar animal print you can add that "wild" touch to your daily look.

Complement your closet and alíate with belts, bags and sandals where the animal print is the key to making your best complement to the protagonist.

And if you want to get dare completely, why not bet on real heel shoes with leopard print?

On the you can get all these styles, looks and proposals, because in our online store of women's clothing we want you to always enjoy the latest trends in fashion at any time and we know that animal print will be on everyone's lips This new season. Enjoy one of the most trendy trends!

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