How to take care of your feet during the summer

Cómo cuidar tus pies durante el verano

That expected season of the year is about to arrive in which we enjoy our vacation in the pool, on the beach or on the mountain. Summer is hated by many and highly anticipated by others since the high temperatures they usually do in this station are not usually pleasure.

For this reason and because we all want to wear perfect feet during the summer, it is necessary that you follow our advice when taking care of your feet during the summer. We must bear in mind that the feet are a fundamental part of our body and is usually the part of our anatomy that most usually suffers during the summer either by the sun, the temperatures or the footwear we use.

Follow our advice and enjoy perfect feet during the summer:

Mima your skin and your feet

If you keep your feet in a good shape and good condition, you will ensure that they do not suffer, so we advise you to use an adequate moisturizer, in addition to using a pumling stone or a lime to prevent the appearance of hardness and cracks, especially in the heels. For the application of the moisturizer, you can always take advantage of and ask someone to give you a relaxing massage on the feet;).

Protect the feet in front of the sun

We are all barefoot during the summer, either at home, in the pool or on the beach, we must take into account that when it comes barefoot, some object as tiny crystals may be key. We must also protect the skin of our feet not only with a good moisturizer but also against the sun's rays with a good sunscreen, since the instep and the back of the foot are usually the areas that are most exposed to the sun.

Keep your feet

We often think that when we leave the pool or we are on the beach, we do not need to dry our feet because they will dry alone. We have all put on the flip flops or sandals directly after shower or dive but this is a mistake that we should try to correct because excess moisture in the feet makes the skin weaken and can help different infections appear.

Do not wear any footwear

In addition to trying to reserve the use of flip flops for wet spaces such as beach or pool because this type of footwear does not usually hold the foot well and can cause pain in the plant, we also have to try not to abuse the use of dancers and sports during the hottest months. These types of footwear usually cause excessive sweating and appearance of fungi, so we propose that you use a type of footwear such as sandals that have an ankle support and that their strips do not exercise much pressure on any part of the foot.

We are all looking forward to the summer to enjoy the beach, the pool or the terraces but if we do not want to have a scare with our feet we advise you to follow our advice and with them you can enjoy the fullest of the summer.

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