How to combine your jeans and create incredible looks


We all have more than cowboy pants at home, whether pitillos, chipped jeans or denim that have accompanied us for many years but this is a garment that has long become an essential basic in any closet. Sometimes this cowboy pants versatility makes us problems when finding the perfect look for each occasion.

Many are the options that give us jeans when creating their own style, dazzling with elegant looks or creating ideal outfits to go to work. We just have to get our pitillos or our jeans jeans out of the closet and combine them with different garments to create unique looks.

In The Amity Company we offer you 5 safe bets to combine your jeans during this 2018.

Military look ... and cowboy

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The military look will never go out of style and to be able to combine it with jeans you can always ally from a military jacket in navy blue with double button. It is undoubtedly a hard and shocking style that can always be softened with garments of softer tones such as white, ocher or beiges. A daring and informal look that can also be achieved thanks to a series of accessories such as belts.

Total Black? Better with jeans

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Combining your jeans to create an elegant, sensual night look but without losing the informality that you intend with jeans you can always get it if you alias with jerseys, black t -shirts or blazers. The power of the garment above in a look can be key to achieving the goal you were looking for and this is what we want to achieve with black accessories such as bags, belts or shoes.

White shirt + jeans, the perfect sum

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A perfect complement to your jeans is to ally with a white shirt and heels to create an ideal look to go to the office. They are the basic par excellence that combine perfectly, and that in addition to being two garments that should not be missing in any closet are that aesthetic lifeguard that solves any look, providing an informal, casual and urban touch.

Sports look with jeans

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If you want to get a casual and urban look with your jeans and create an outfit day nothing better than combining your jeans with white sneakers and a blue or black American. But this look requires that we alienate a good complement and choose the successful bag will help us define this perfect look for day.

Color your look and your jeans

If our jeans combine them with a t -shirt or jersey of bright colors such as orange, electric or yellow can we get a daring, youthful and fun look. We must also keep in mind that the cowboy fabric is ideal for supporting any chromatic combination and to give a touch of color to our day to day is one of the best informal looks that we can combine.

In The Amity Company we want you to find your ideal look, either to dazzle at night or look for the day, so in our looks and outfits you can find the best ideas and create the look you like best.And what look would you stay with?

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