How to combine long skirts

Cómo combinar faldas largas

Surely you are many that make your long skirts but have problems or doubts when it comes to combining them. Knowing what shirt, jacket or complement is the most suitable for what type of long skirt, it can become a headache for many. Therefore, we want to help you showing you the most incredible looks that you can create thanks to a long skirt. There are our 6 recommendations to create incredible looks both at night and for daily having a beautiful long skirt as a key garment. Do you dare?

Long skirt with flower print

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One of the star prints of spring and summer is the flower print and many have a hard time finding the appropriate complement when combining them. An idea would be to combine this type of long skirt with a basic shirt or a blouse. In this way we will get our skirt with more prominence and get an ideal newspaper look to go to the office or to take something on a terrace. A cowgirl jacket can become our perfect ally for the night and for this type of pattern so popular today.

The cotton skirt that you can not miss

Skirt pockets

One of the basics that cannot be missing in our closet fund is a long cotton skirt and there are many possibilities offered by this type of skirt since it can become an ideal day look due due to its versatility and its contribution of modernity and urbanism. In addition, if we opt for a cotton skirt of dark tones we can also obtain the ideal outfit for the night since we will transmit elegance if we combine it with a blouse or an adjusted top.

Long skirts Kakhi

Long skirt Kaki

These long kaki color skirts have two great allies when looking for perfect combinations: the white color and shirts. With this type of military style skirt that provides a casual and original air to our daily outfit .

Total Black with your long skirt

Black long skirt

One of the most elegant combinations, since if you are a fan of the total Black you can always choose to combine your long black skirt with a shirt or top of this same color to get the elegant look you were looking for. This look you can always complement it to give it a little more life with a touch of color in a complement, whether a belt or a bag and thus break the monotony of black.

One of the great allies of the skirts are the belts, either for casual looks as for more formal outfits, thanks to the fact that they will help us to stylize our figure and highlight it.

Long skirts for a White look

White long skirt

If in summer you want to bet more on a White total look, a long white skirt will be your favorite fashion garment. Combining your long skirt with a top t -t -shirt you will get a totally summery, casual and informal look. If you want to provide your total White look for a little color one of the tips we give you is that you choose to play with white brown white and leather, either with sandals or with a leather jacket, since so You can get the casual touch you were looking for.

Boho Style, our favorite


One of our favorite styles is the boho, for what it represents and for the feeling of freedom that transmits us and, one of the garments that best combines with this style are the long and flight skirts that you can find with different designs and prints . One of the star accessories with this type of long skirts with the braces tops and the extra contribution that will facilitate a necklace or any type of jewelry.

We want to help you get the incredible look you were looking for to combine your long skirt, for that reason we propose a series of suggestions and bets with which you succeed as much day and night. Remember that all the long skirts that we have presented to you in this publication and many more options can be achieved now in our online clothing store.

And to you, what look with long skirt do you like the most?

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